We work with our clients to create seamless user experiences that prioritise online conversions and improve customer service through the latest in User Experience design, technology and practise.

Why User Experience with Switched On Media?

We are dedicated to creating aesthetic yet functional user experiences across all devices. Our UX team excels at prototyping websites that improve our clients’ sales, drive conversions and satisfy user needs. It’s our philosophy that your business is only as good as the technology driving it.

User-Focused Approach

We work with you to fully understand your target audience and create detailed audience personas to design experiences that match their needs, fulfil their motivations and answer their pain points.

User Journeys & Task Models

Once we have created personas we create user journeys that align with your business needs answering any obstacles that your user may have.

Information Architecture

Your information architecture is your library. We create content that is easy to find, structured logically and exceeds your user’s expectations.


We create interactive wireframes that are backed by research, match your user’s needs and form the basis for a beautiful and functional design.

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