At Switched on Media we approach SEO with our client’s business objectives at the forefront. Once we understand what they are, we design a customised SEO strategy focusing on the activities that will deliver the highest return.

We offer a variety of SEO solutions for every unique challenge, from complete SEO management to situation specific consulting. Our solutions are effective, actionable and tailored to our clients’ individual needs. They include:

SEO Audits

A top to bottom assessment of the website, uncovering opportunities to increase its visibility on the web.

Keyword and Market Research

Identifying the best business generating search terms to target with relevant content.

Influencer Outreach

An effective “white hat” link building tactic that not only generates links (search engines still love links) but also builds brand awareness and user engagement.

Content Strategy and Execution

Great content helps your brand become relevant and popular, supporting SEO. We have a team of experienced journalists, designers and developers that can build a content strategy and make it happen.

Social Media Marketing

How people interact with your brand on social networks is an important success factor for SEO. We have a team of dedicated Social Media experts that manage every aspect of your social presence on the web.

Site Migration Consultation

We will support any type of site rebuild or migration to insure rankings and traffic are not lost throughout the process.
Conversion rate optimisation – Through rigorous testing and analysis we determine which content and design choices drive maximum revenue while reducing acquisitions costs.

Analytics and Reporting

It’s easy to hide behind vague and meaningless metrics. At Switched on Media we believe in transparent reporting so our clients know at all-time that they’re getting a real return on their investment.

Thanks to our results driven approach, we work with some of the largest and most successful brands in Australia.

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