We’re growth accelerants for the world’s most innovative businesses.

Every dollar we spend, we spend for a reason. We understand how display influences paid search, we play on every social platform, we coerce and nurture and convert. We’ll try anything once.

Why Paid Media with Switched on Media?

Paid Search

Our bread and butter. Switched On Media was built on PPC search, and we continue to run SEM for some of Australia’s largest companies.

Whatever, whenever, or wherever someone is searching we’ll make sure you are there and make sure you are getting return on investment for every single click.

Display Advertising

Our approach to Display is centred around driving impressions to qualified prospects in brand-safe environments with a focus on viewability (ensuring your ads are seen by human eyeballs and not bots). We partner with a number of leading DSP and ad-serving partners to provide the most comprehensive reach imaginable coupled with the smarts to ensure your display dollars work as hard as possible.


“Are those shoes are following me around the internet?”

Knowing that someone has been on your site, has spent 2 minutes looking at a pair of red heels but hasn’t purchased them, is powerful. Being able to show that person an ad featuring those same shoes whilst they browse another website (or even Facebook) is brilliant.

Remarketing is a hugely efficient tool in our paid media arsenal and should be part of every digital strategy.

Social Media Advertising

Paid advertising on social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn et al) continues to develop. Want to grow your Facebook likes? Promote a new campaign on Twitter? What about target 22 year old men who like red shoes and live within 5 kilometres of Kalgoorlie with a discount code. Done deal.

With great targeting options, amazing user engagement and complete market coverage, why not talk to us about your brand new social ad strategy?

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the universe. That makes it a whole lot bigger than Channel 9, Foxtel and Imparja combined.

So forget TARPs and Tracy Grimshaw, and think YouTube. YouTube, where you only pay for people who actually watch your ad. YouTube, where your car finance video ad shows right before someone watches a review of the new holden commodore.

Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate market for consumers is alive and vibrant. If you have a goal in mind – a CPA target, a revenue value you have to hit – affiliate marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to get there.

Switched On Media has a long history working with Australia’s comparison websites and top affiliate networks, so get in touch to find out how we can help find your next customer.

Want to learn how Paid Media @ Switched on Media can help your brand?