It’s impossible to make the best decision without the right information. At Switched on Media, we guide your business’ data collection, integration and analysis to ensure you have actionable insights at every turn.

Why Data & Analytics with Switched On Media?

At Switched On, we’re more like an extension of your team. We work with you to understand the unique needs and challenges of your business and provide an ROI-driven approach to streamline each aspect of your business.

Measurement strategy and implementation plan:

Our first endeavour is to form a solid measurement strategy by identifying your success metrics and aligning these with your business goals. When combined with an implementation plan, the end result is a clear plan of attack towards a watertight tagging and tracking environment.

Data integrity and integration

When it’s time to start making it happen, we bring your measurement strategy to life through: Tag Management, Analytics Audits, Analytics Implementation, Integration of existing and new data sources with a Data Management Platform, end-to-end tracking solutions and custom Extract Transform Load jobs.

Modelling and forecasting

We need to know more than just the channels drive conversion interaction – we begin to learn more about your user and the steps they take to reach the point of conversion. This helps accurately predict which channel mix drives the best overall outcome.

Products include:

  • Custom multi-touch attribution (MTA)
  • Media mix forecasting and scenario planning
  • Audience segmentation
  • Futuretrack™ – advanced consumer psychographic profiling

Reporting and analysis

Our reporting technology stack makes use of industry-leading tools and technologies to ensure a timely delivery of bespoke and always-on reporting. We connect with an array of marketing APIs, and integrate your online and offline marketing channels into one dashboard.

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