Data means nothing to a business unless marketers can draw insights from it.

Why Data & Analytics with Switched On Media?

Data and Analytics make sure you have all the right data points reporting in all the right ways. A watertight Google Analytics platform reporting correctly allows everything else, from paid media ad campaigns to email newsletters, work much more smoothly and provide actionable business insights to help your organisation move forward.

If you can’t trust your data, how can you trust any of the business decisions you make from that data?

Common solutions we’ve executed include:

  • CRM integrations
  • Custom reporting and analysis
  • eCommerce implementation
  • Google Tag Manager migrations
  • Custom dashboard creation
  • Goal creation
  • Analytics deep dive analysis
  • Analytics setup
  • Analytics diagnosis

Whether you’ve got a new website you want to set up Google Analytics for, a current site you’re not sure is reporting properly, or a custom solution to report on a particular data set, come talk to our Data and Analytics team to discuss how we can help you get visibility and understanding around your most important data.

Your data doesn’t mean much if you can’t draw insight and make decisions from it.