Why we do what we do

Hi. We’re Switched on Media. We’re a digital marketing agency. And over the 10 years since our inception (happy birthday to us!), we’ve done great work, helped our clients grow, won cool awards and launched new offices around the world. And don’t get us wrong, that stuff’s awesome. But what we’re really here to do is something fundamental to us all, as people. We’re here to build relationships. We’re here to connect. And the way we do that is by bridging the gap between our clients and the customers they love.

And we’re very, very passionate about what we do.

Our values

Our values aren’t just writing on a wall. They’re how we think, what we aspire to, how we act, and the ‘us’ we strive to emulate as a team. Our values are not a corporate mission statement. Our values are our bond. They’re words to live by, work hard by, laugh and have fun by, every day. So every day, we…

Keep it simple

Challenge convention

Make it happen

Think big

Are a family

Our mission

That said, we do have a not-so-top-secret mission that drives us towards a single, unified goal. It’s this:

To listen, learn, influence and transform.

Why? Because the power of listening is underrated, and we want our clients to feel heard, respected and valued. Plus, we’re curious. We like to understand how things work, so we can keep coming up with better and better solutions. We also believe in the power of influence – as marketers, it’s our job to do just that, and make sure we do it well. And when it comes to transformation, we’re brand futurists with keen superpowers of perception, powers we like to use for the greater good of our clients and the work we do.

Our vision

Finally, the last piece in the Switched on Media puzzle. Our vision for the future is big, bold and bright. Here it is:

Be an agent of change for our clients and the industry.

What does this mean? Everything, to us. Not selling one-size-fits-all products, but offering real-world, tailor-made solutions. Not blindly following best practice, but practising asking the big questions to ensure we’re always moving forward – even if it might not be where others have thought of going yet. Not settling for our best, but resetting the bar to new heights every time so we can keep on reaching for the stars. And most of all, never giving up – fighting to find the right solution, even if at times it seems impossible. Because it rarely ever is.

So that’s us. We’re Switched on Media. We’re a digital marketing agency. We’re here to connect with people, and help your business do the same.

And we’d simply love to meet you.

Switched on Media is a part of WPP AUNZ, the leading marketing communications services group in Australia and New Zealand.