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So as I was settling down to a good dosage of MasterChef last night, I checked my Twitterfeed and I saw a glimpse of a mention of a TV meets social media app that has just been launched in Australia. I was sceptical at first, thinking “Oh here we go, another second class app that wants to be seen as cool and hip and modern and forward thinking, and all that.” I hesitated to try it out at first but curiosity got the best of me.

So I downloaded Twelevision onto my iPhone, punched in the region I was in and held my breath.

The Twelevision Experience

The app’s cogs churned and the first page that greeted me was amazing. I almost shed a tear as I glazed over the beautiful shiny HD menu layout; at all the television programmes that was available on all the free TV channels. I quickly flicked the app to Channel TEN and explored all the options available. And the options were many. The app *just worked* and is extremely useful and easy to use.

The app basically connects your Twitter account to an official hashtag of any certain TV programme. This is nothing new (with the likes of GetGlue and Miso) but the fact that it’s so localised to Australia gives an instant sense of closeness, community and conversation around the modern campfire – the television.

So What?

Check-ins are not entirely new, it started with geo-location check-ins and now have evolved into entertainment-based check-ins. Given this is slightly less intrusive, do you see yourself using such an application? The key to check-in based apps is in a worldview of yourself, how you want to define yourself. If you fancy yourself a bit of a traveller, FourSquare and Facebook Places is great for you. If you’re a couch potato, GetGlue, Miso and Twelevision is perfect for you. The possibilities are starting to become endless and I predict in the near future that product check-in applications will start appearing. Wearing your favourite Prada shorts? Check-in. Driving your latest Mazda 2 complete with BlueTooth? Check-in. Using your favourite whitening toothpase? Check-in. You get the idea…

What do you think? Do you use check-in applications? Have you tried it before? What were some of your pros/cons? Let me know via the comments section below!