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Facebook has announced that all Facebook Pages will convert to “Timeline”. “Timeline” organises status updates by month and year, but the Facebook experience becomes much more visual, with larger and more clearly displayed photos.

Here’s our quick wrap-up of the new Facebook Timelines for Pages.

  1. There will be a cover photo measuring 851 x 315 pixels. Facebook has rather strict guidelines around what brands can and cannot represent with the cover photo. Some of the words that cannot be featured on the cover photo include “Like”, “Share” and “discounts”. In short, Facebook does not want brands to use the cover photo for promotions.
  2. There can be Milestones added onto the timeline. A good example of this can be seen on the NY Times Facebook Page.
    Name Change on FB
  3. Tabs will cease to exist in its current form and be transformed to 4 visible Icons. Pages can have 8 tabs at any given time (e.g. four visible and another four accessible via a drop-down menu). As a result of this, a default landing page for Facebook Pages will also cease to exist. However, custom apps will have more space to operate in (e.g. 800px instead of the current 520px).
  4. Status updates will exist in two forms – Starred and Normal. Starred updates (customizable) will be displayed across the full width of the Timeline while Normal updates will only take half of the width of the Timeline. Brands will also have the potential to pin an important update for up to 7 days.
    FB statuses

More details can be seen in the official Facebook website for Timeline for Pages.


What this means for social media strategies for brands

While it is still early days, the new Timeline continues to show that the need to creatively innovate in this space is crucial (and plays well to our strengths). Although Timeline does not necessarily change the strategy for brands moving forward, it definitely changes what brands can creatively roll out on the Facebook Platform. We already have a few ideas we are excited about and can’t wait to share them with you! Stay tuned!


What do you think about the new Facebook Timelines for Pages?

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