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Google has announced today that a new project is being launched titled Google+ in an effort to make online sharing a more natural element of our digital activities.

According to the official Google Blog, “Online sharing is awkward. Even broken. And we aim to fix it.”

In a string of social media related announcements, Google has been aggressively pushing forward into the space. Earlier this year we heard about how new Google CEO Larry Page has shaken things up internally by awarding executive bonuses in accordance with Google’s social media success, then we saw several strides in social – perhaps most notably the +1 button, and now this. And what a bold statement calling online sharing as it currently stands awkward and broken, especially from a company that has the resources and infrastructure available to launch something extraordinary (in 2010, Google generated over $15,000 USD in profit per minute). Whatever they have planned, we’re well and truly in the beginning of the long-term integration between social and search and if Google is successful, it will be a profitable move as social media advertising evolves to more closely match individual buying behaviours.

I truly do have my hopes up for Google+, but the skeptic in me wonders if this is nothing more than just prelaunch marketing hype, or even, dare I say it, buzz. Could Google be creating a facade of value to support a market position that may not really be there? The truth is, I really enjoy using my current social networks and feel that online sharing is a comfortable, easy thing to do. I didn’t realise that all of us riding the social media wave so far had chosen to do so on subpar social networks. Let’s just hope that Google produce something likeable with Google+, a fun new toy for us to play with.


You can expect to see Google+ publicly available after the invitation only trial is complete, hopefully in the near future. If you would like to be notified of Google+ release, register your interest here. For a hands on Google+ review, check out SearchEngineLand.

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  • Phill Ohren

    Wave was not a social network, it was merely email 2.0 – it was a great idea that simply didn’t catch on – it was rather complicated.

    I think Google+ has a bright future.

  • Hannah

    What do you think the opportunities (if any) for brands are on Google+? Do you think they would gain a first-mover advantage by setting up a presence there now or should they wait and see what audience it develops?

  • Alex Asigno

    I’m a pessimist, I fell like it’ll be another buzz, orkut, wave, jaiku or Google answers.

  • Luke

    Remember the last time they declared something was broken – that was email and their solution was Google Wave. I will watch with interest, but it will be a hard road for them.

  • Owen Browne

    Google have also released a revamped mobile layout. Interesting to see how this ties in with Google+
    New mobile layout

  • kevin

    Google is being smart this time around, I reckon. Expressions of interest help gauge how much time they need to spend on developing this further. And to ensure the initial user-base are truly fans – of either Google themselves, or social media in general.

    The colour palette, what we can see anyway, is awesome – very happy, bubbly and to be honest, a little sexy.

    They seem to “get it” with all arrows pointing to the “You”.

    Excited to see this unfurl to its best potential.