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A few weeks ago, Google held its Inside Search press conference during which it revealed three new search features: Google Instant PagesVoice Search and Search by Image.

Google’s Instant pages have already been covered on our blog, and the Voice Search is a simple voice recognition functionality added to the search bar. Unless you are using a mobile device, it doesn’t add much to your search experience.

 Google search by images


What I’m focusing on in this article is the release of the “Search by Image”.

Searching for an image is easy. You type a keyword in Google Images and view the image results. But what if you have an image, but want to find text associated with it?

For example, you’ve seen this picture of a temple carved in the mountain. You are curious about it, but have no clue of its name or location. Normally, your best bet would be to ask your close ones and risk various uncertain answers, or do extensive research on Google for terms such as “temple carved in rock” or “castle built in mountain”… Very inaccurate.

Now, you can find the answer to your questions in three easy steps:

  1. Head to Google Search by Image and have your image ready.
  2. Enter the URL of the image, or alternatively upload the image you have saved on your computer.
  3. Look at the image and text results!

That’s it! We now know that this ‘temple’ is Petra, the Ancient City of Stone located in Jordan.
By publishing this “reverse image search” tool, Google directly competes with websites such as TinEye, and shows once again its will to cover absolutely every area of search.

No advertising is currently used on the SERP but perhaps this will lead to new opportunities.