Google launches “Related to” ads in Australia

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 Google is constantly testing some new features within their Search Engine Result pages (SERP).google adwords related to ads
One of their latest experiments showed “Related to” ads (screenshot 1) and “Also try” search query suggestions (screenshot 2).
Some US and UK based sites had reported these new features in June but Australia was once again omitted from the test grounds.
Interestingly enough, our team here at Switched on Media have noticed these features popping up on our very own Australian screens!
We aren’t sure if this is a Google test or if it has been permanently released but here are a few insights into how it works. google search result also try
  • For your ad to appear under a “Related to” category, you need your keywords to be set on broadmatch. No specific action needs to be taken, such as selecting categories for your ads to appear in.
  • If your ad appears under one of those categories, it still counts as 1 impression.
  • This is all part of Google’s strategy to increase relevancy for users, and higher click through rates on sponsored results (More $$ for Google).
  • This could increase the number of impressions for some of your campaigns as your ads may show where they normally wouldn’t.
  • Considering these ads are more relevant, CTR should go up, along with Quality Scores. Therefore, I expect CPCs to either remain at their current levels, or decrease slightly.
What about you, how do  you think this could impact SEO/PPC in the long run?