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After experimenting over recent years with the video ads extension, Google has recently introduced Media Ads. These are a new way to target, pay for, and experience video ads on Google search pages

As seen in the example below for the search “AFL”, Foxtel is able to show their latest advertisement around the new AFL season. If you click on “Watch the latest AFL 2012 Season clip” the video expands to the centre of the screen and dims the rest of the results page around it. Google says this is designed to grab the viewer’s full attention and create a more theatrical experience.


Unlike traditional SEM advertising, you don’t pick any keywords. The targeting is completely automated. When someone enters a search on Google that is directly related to a video title, Google will automatically display a Media Ad at the top of the search results page.

Media Ads will be great for brands, and people who search for brands, especially if people are primarily looking for video content. They’ll make it easy to get your brand in front of the right audience on Google. However it is currently unclear exactly how media ads will work alongside traditional SEM. For advertisers who use Google primarily to drive traffic and sales, these ads could hinder the path to conversion.

Currently this ad format is available in AU and NZ, but only for movie production houses, TV show producers, DVD releases and gaming trailers only. There is no date set that this will be rolled out to other advertisers in AU.

What do you think about media ads? Which advertisers do you think these would work best for?