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We are regularly told how important it is to ‘humanise your brand’ on Facebook but how can you do this?

Facebook is making it easier and easier to humanise your brand with recent developments including:

  • Sponsored story advertisements that let you use your brands’ page activity appear like news feed activity in an ad,
  • Letting brand pages write on walls, and
  • Enabling brands to be tagged in photos.

I just noticed another recent update: the inclusion of profile picture updates for brand pages amongst your friends’ profile picture changes – see example below where Moccona (a brand page) is included amongst my friends for changing their profile picture.

What do Facebook’s latest updates mean for your company?

Facebook are making it increasingly easier to blend company activity with personal activity in order to increase engagement with brands.Take advantage of this by:

1. Regularly updating your page with content that educates, empowers or entertains

2. Utilise the new functionality as it comes out, for example, ask your community to tag you in a photo where they are wearing/using your product (NB: be confident that you have brand advocates willing to share their positive experiences, this may not work so well for a telecommunications company!)

3. Like other brand pages and interact with them regularly. This can work well for a brand interacting with their charity partner on Facebook because it will be mutually beneficial.

Why is Facebook playing nice all of a sudden?

Facebook relies on brands to make them money through advertising so it’s in their best interest to continuously improve this aspect of their product offering. I know, they haven’t traditionally played nice but they are making more of an effort to do so, as is evident with their relatively new Facebook Studio so let’s take advantage of their new-found appreciation for brands!

Phill Ohren, Account Manager at Switched on Media, adds: “Facebook’s primary objective is to make money, and it does so primarily through PPC adverts – to-date Facebook have invested heavily in click-through-rate optimisation. By integrating brands into the user experience, I believe Facebook is able to increase the overall time as user spends interacting with a brand on a weekly basis – which means, more ad impression & ultimately more clicks. Smart.”