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Infographics have been around for a while now, but are still a popular and valuable form of content marketing. They allow you to present all kinds of information in a visually compelling and shareable format, making them perfect for online distribution.

To start off, here is an Infographic to describe an infographic – perfect.

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When people talk about infographics we often hear the phrase ‘data visualisation’. When designing an infographic, the designer has the power to turn information, facts and figures that could be deemed as bland in essay format, into something visually appealing and engaging for the audience.

Infographics are useful because they change the way people find and experience your content and stories on the web. They create a new way of seeing the world of data, and they help communicate complex ideas in a clear and compelling way.

The beauty of having such aesthetically pleasing content is that it gets people excited, talking, and sharing on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Forums. Getting other people to spread your message for you has real monetary value for your business down the line. In addition, infographics have real SEO benefits, as the format they are in makes it extremely easy for people to share them and link back to your site so that you can build up visibility and link equity.

Our Work

Switched on Media have an infographic design team dedicated to producing infographics. Below are some of examples of the work we have produced:

Airbus A380 –  Flight Centre

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Following the infamous blow out of the Qantas A380 engine in mid-flight 18 months ago there was a huge amount of search traffic around the incident. Working for our client Flight Centre we rapidly produced this fun infographic containing interesting facts and stats about the Airbus.








Sexual Violence Against Women – The Hard Truths – ActionAid Australia

(Full size image)

ActionAid Australia were interested in trialling an infographic and telling the story of their work – which is often hard hitting, complex and uncomfortable – in a creative, compelling and highly shareable way.

In 2012, ActionAid’s focus is Women’s Rights, and a strategic decision was made to align the subject and launch of the infographic with International Women’s Day 2012. This allowed us to leverage the social buzz and interest in the topic of women’s rights on this dedicated day.
















Whether you’re looking to boost interaction or the growth of your Facebook page, or to create unique content for SEO purposes, infographics can help set your brand apart. We’ve created compelling infographics for a number of notable clients including Flight Centre, Action Aid and Commonwealth Bank.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you, please do give me a call on 02 8248 5025 or leave your details here.

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