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Video is certainly one of the most important mediums to deliver content online; YouTube currently streams over 2 billion videos a day and about 24 hours of new video is uploaded every single minute. (EDIT: That number is apparently now double that figure – thanks Dan!)

For many businesses, producing engaging video content is definitely a challenge – talking heads are usually not the avenue we’d recommend. Great video, like any great content needs to be interesting, engaging and drive home a clear and simple message.

So what works well?

Video infographics – a new way to present data

Infographics are great pieces of content as they are visually and cognitively engaging, our brains need to do a little bit of work (but not too much) to understand and interpret the data before us – giving us that very critical level of satisfaction that will encourage us to share onwards. Meanwhile, animated infographics can work even further as they require us to invest just a little bit more time into each idea and we get a great audio experience as well.
1. Telling your brand story
If your brand has a story, this is a great medium to employ. Pictographs and animations can tell your story in a much more creative way than an interview with the company Founder can – and users are more likely to engage with “boring facts” like dates and milestones. This video presents the story of Google with a couple of great tidbits you may not have known.

Visual Loop Daily Video – The Google Story by Visualoop

2. Presenting complex matters in a simplified way
Cartoons and animations are associated with kids, so our brains will automatically think “simple”. This can work to your advantage if you’re presenting a complex theory or idea. This great video presents a “short and simple” explanation of the Credit Crisis for those that are not financially savvy. It’s pretty clear, although at 11 and a half minutes I wouldn’t necessarily call it short…

3. Repurposing old content
Video animation and infographics can breathe new life into old news. Survey results that you’ve already published, last year’s data findings and even information from white papers (or even blog posts) can be re-released in a fun new medium. The great thing is that even if the news and information is familiar, the medium is different and viewers will still find that they’re getting some new value out of the content. This cute retro video game style clip tells the old story of Little Red Riding Hood with some interesting new fun creative interpretations (certainly the part of Grandma being a pill addict was news to me).

4. Reaching out to a larger audience
Finally, well executed video infographics can be appreciated by a much wider audience, even if they’re not particularly familiar with the concept or the information you present. Viewers can appreciate the animation and execution of your video even if they’re not directly invested in the content itself. This video produced by GE Health Care presents some of the harsh realities of the US medical reporting system and the need to move towards an electronic reporting standard…*shrug* but it’s certainly done well.

What other examples of great video infographics have you seen? What do you think is the most effective type of content beyond the written word?