4 reasons why your business needs a content strategy

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Online marketing continues to take on a much bigger spend of marketing budgets this year, with the latest results showing search and directory marketing accounting for 51.9% of an almost $2.5 billion spend.

Content Strategy

However, as online becomes the channel of choice, with SEO, PPC, social media and mobile strategies all working to drive consumers and users to your website, the question then becomes what content is actually on your website? Is the information up to date? Is your messaging clear and consistent? Is it capturing users at the right point in their buying cycle?All of these questions are part of the driving factors of your content strategy.

 4 reasons why your business should be thinking about content strategy
  1. Your Message – as you drive users to your website via online marketing, social media efforts and even off line advertising with TV commercials and print media, you have to ask is your message clear? All of your content needs to work together to deliver your key messages clearly and concisely. Content that is well planned for and well organised can help you communicate your core values that will drive users to convert.
  2. The User Experience – users today rely on online channels to deliver the most up to date information and they expect to get to it quickly. Your Content Strategy will allow you to ensure you have a system in place to update your site regularly.
  3. Thought Leadership – content marketing is increasingly becoming a great way for businesses to establish thought leadership in their industries. A blog, white paper or guest contributions can give you the competitive edge you need to establish trust and rapport with your clients.
  4. Organisation – developing a system for content governance is an important part of your content strategy. It will help you to ensure that the right people are working together to maintain your content, reducing operating inefficiencies and wastage.

The Content team here at Switched on Media have put together a presentation on how we approach content strategy for our clients. Want to know more – get in touch!

Do you have a content strategy in place for your business? What successes have you had with a content strategy? Share your thoughts!