Our Story

Scot and Andy first met when they were both working at eBay in 2005. Recognising a gap in the marketing landscape, where companies were moving away from traditional mediums towards performance based media like paid search, the pair joined up two years later to form Switched on Media. Within its second year, the company had hit the million dollar revenue mark and within three years, it had achieved an average annual growth rate of 160% and had taken on board 20 plus staff, all specialists in their respective fields.

Now into its 9th year, Switched on Media continues to actively recruit some of the best talent that they can find from overseas to ensure the agency is always at the forefront of new initiatives and innovations.

What’s Ahead?

Switched on Media is always looking out for the latest developments and opportunities in the digital landscape, whether it’s new and exciting mobile opportunities or embracing innovative techniques in search. In this fast paced and lucrative industry, who knows what the future holds? And that’s the most exciting part.

If you’re passionate about digital like we are, why not get in touch? We’re always looking to learn new things.