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Thriving on challenge and opportunity, they are aglow with fresh and innovative ideas to ensure your business achieves success in the digital realm. And let’s face it, without them we’d be nothing more than a pile of papers and a temperamental printer.

  • Ryan Griffin
    Ryan GriffinSenior Account Manager
  • Chris Hitchcock
    Chris HitchcockClient Service Director
  • Edward Womersley
    Edward WomersleyBusiness Development Manager
  • Carly Grant
    Carly GrantAccount Executive
  • Tom O’Neil
    Tom O’NeilSenior Organic Media Specialist
  • Tym Yee
    Tym YeeDigital Content & Creative
  • Andy Jamieson
    Andy JamiesonJoint CEO
  • Tansa Mehroke
    Tansa MehrokeSocial Media & Influencer Marketing
  • Simone Rodney
    Simone RodneyInfluencer Marketing Specialist
  • John Den Haan
    John Den HaanHead of Organic Media
  • Danielle Farrugia
    Danielle FarrugiaSocial Media Manager
  • Adrian Wijenathan
    Adrian WijenathanSenior Performance Media Manager
  • Samantha Day
    Samantha DayPaid Media Manager
  • Andrew Burger
    Andrew BurgerMedia Director
  • Sally O’Brien
    Sally O’BrienAccount Executive
  • Scot Ennis
    Scot EnnisJoint CEO
  • Olavi Kruusimaa
    Olavi KruusimaaPaid Media Manager
  • Kevin Lenux
    Kevin LenuxFinance Manager
  • Yani Lacherdis
    Yani LacherdisLead Digital Designer
  • Amanda King
    Amanda KingOrganic Media Strategist
  • Paul Graham
    Paul GrahamSenior Account Manager
  • Irina Adashkevich
    Irina AdashkevichSenior Account Manager
  • Daniel Bailey
    Daniel BaileyDigital Strategy Director
  • Samantha Adams
    Samantha AdamsPaid Media Specialist
  • Sam Powell
    Sam PowellSenior Business Development Manager